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The Full Story


We work with people who feel uncertain about their salaries. These situations can vary by person, such as someone applying for a new job, or possibly someone who is unhappy with their annual raise. 


We consult with them to gain an understanding of their salary story. Then, using the information gathered, we build individual salary models. 


Although we work with all employees, we are particularly interested in working with women and employees of colors. Both of whom are most likely to be underpaid. 

We will work with the individual to help them understand their worth, using data driven analyses. Then, we will provide strategies to achieve their goal. 

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Discover your worth.

Our mission at The Salary Lab is to provide objective analysis and suggestions to help you negotiate salary with evidence-based data with energy, authority and strength.



To empower people with information about their own human capital so they can feel confident to make informed decisions in their careers and lives. 


Meet the Team

We have a small team consisting of Dr. Ferreira and Ms. Brenwald Collia. They both have significant experience in research and data analysis. Read more about them both below.

Professional, MD

“I came to Angela for a compensation analysis during a career shift.  I was at a loss and uncertain of fair compensation in an industry that I was less familiar with.  Within just a few days, Angela provided a detailed report illustrating market value for a position I was offered.  Having the information from this report helped me to feel prepared and confident in negotiating salary with the organization’s human resources representative.  I can proudly say that my salary increased by 70% over my prior earnings.  Thank you, Angela, for providing the service, tools, and support I needed to make this life-changing move, and for doing so in a prompt and professional manner.”

Tech Professional, MD

"The Salary Lab helped me gain awareness to the pay gap in the IT field. I was able to negotiate with sound, meaningful data when I was last job searching. Due to their efforts I was able to obtain a 22% pay increase when negotiating for my new position. Having this information enabled and empowered me to know my value in the professional world that I work in." 

Professional, MD

I'm writing this letter in support of Dr. Angela Ferreira, who recently helped me increase my annual raise. Angela performed a salary analysis for me which showed me how much I
should be earning based on my education and my experience. Seeing this analysis helped give
me the confidence to approach my manager and ask for a larger raise than what was initially
offered. Instead of a 5% raise, I received a 14% raise. I am extremely grateful to her and I really
appreciate her passion for helping close the pay gap for women.
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